Just call me Fine & Frugal!


When I was between the age of 18-23, everything had to be designer and name brand! I was so materialist because everything and everyone around me was too! Behind the scenes, I was struggling in an abusive relationship because I wanted to hold on to this expensive lifestyle. I turned a blind eye and allowed more than what I should have because he took me shopping. 

When things got to a breaking point and I did decide to leave him, there was nothing! I came back “home” with 2 suitcases filled with designer clothes, no car and an empty soul! I tried to keep up the lie for a while because I didn’t want anyway to think I fell off! It’s hard to maintain a lifestyle when you are taking the bus! Yes, It’s like you are trying to keep up with living a double life! It took a few humbling experiences for me to totally change my perspective on what was really important. One of those experiences was dating a man with a half-broken down car and no A/C! That man is now my husband. 

It’s amazing to me that throughout the years, I was only chasing after ballers. When I look back, I realized they were never chasing after me. When I met my husband, he just graduated from college with no money but we got along so well. I loved his personality and intelligence. He spoke about his goals and what steps he was taking to further his career. He offered me a lot of advise on building from the ground up, having good credit and saving your money. I started to look at life different because someone saw something in me that I did not see in myself.

At this point, I decided to sell all of my designer items. I put them on an auction website and listed some at a local consignment shop. When it was all said and done, I probably made 30% back of what I originally paid. This was called the depreciation value and current market price. It was definetly an eye opener! I couldn’t believe that I was working in retail and never noticed this. After that, I said that I will never pay full price for anything again! 

After figuring out how to use my employee discounts plus the sales to my advantage, I became hooked! As the founder of #wifemotherhustler @mrs_tahirah and #momtrepreneur I strongly encourage being “Fine & Frugal”. There are so many ways to look expensive without spending a ton of money! Personally, I look for Cyber deals and extra percentage off days in-store. Try to stick with places that offer incentives or rewards for your purchases. Never buy ANYTHING full price! I worked in high-end retail for 10 years and “seent” some things. Today, it might be full price BUT that item will be on sale this weekend.  I like to buy end of the season clearance items for the next year. I’ve found some basement prices on items that were hundreds of dollars just 30-60 days ago! 

When I saw myself not spending as much on clothes and shoes, I was able to focus on other things more solid. Now my attention is making investments on items that offer a guaranteed return. There is nothing like being fine with a clear piece of mind!