What do you REALLY get your man for Fathers Day?

With Fathers Day quickly approaching, ladies sometimes get stuck trying to figure out what to get their men. Mothers Day is a pretty easy holiday because every where you turn, there are clear signs guiding you along the way. 

When the man is head of household, women sometimes feel that they cannot be financially full filling to his needs in comparison to hers. For a woman who is ready to drop some serious cash, their men say "I dunno know, you don't have to get me anything". Either way the two are stuck and the man ends up feeling left out because we can't get it right. 

Being that it is my husbands second Fathers Day, I reached out to a friend for a little help this year. 

Personal Stylist, Kris Shelby, graduated from the Art Institute with a degree in Fashion Merchandising. The New Orleans native sat down with me last week to give a few personal tips on what to look for when shopping for our guys. 


Q: "What are some overall trends for men in this upcoming summer season"?

A: "I think guys are going for the European look these days. I've been seeing a lot of guys wearing tapered jeans, tapered chinos...loafers, no socks. They are having fun with colors and colorful shirts; guys are not afraid to put colors in prints. Paisley and stripes. Men are wearing a lot of accessories, scarves and bracelets as well.

Q: "What is a great gift that could last year round" 

A: "if he likes baseball caps, get him a fedora or golf hat. If he wears t-shirts all of the time, get him a dress shirt; a solid color that he can wear with everything and that's going to last. A great gift is a suit. The three main colors a man should have in his closet is grey blue and black. You can't go wrong with them and you can wear them anytime of the year".  

Q: "What are some great gift ideas that money can't buy, is it sex"?

A: "Yes, sex. A meal; breakfast, lunch and dinner. A nice outing outside, walking and exercise". 

Q: "What are your top gift ideas for Fathers Day".  

A: "Guys love shoes, cologne. A nice TV is always good for sports! More grooming pieces, clothing and food. Guys love food, clothes and anything dealing with a car. If he has a nice whip, get him something...how about floor mats with his name on it! 

Q: What are some of the biggest mistakes that women make or what is a huge "no, no" when buying a gift for a man".  

A: "Golf clubs, socks, Ralph Lauren Polo Shirts, Chino/Khakis shorts and ties"!

I want to thank Kris for his great advice because a lot of women can benefit from it, including myself! If you are needing future fashion advice for men and women, you can follow his social media @officialkrisshelby. Kris currently works for Attom, located inside The Shops at Buckhead in Atlanta Georgia!